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More on Curaderm BEC5

An interview with Dr. Bill Cham on the development of Curaderm BEC5

Dr. Bill Cham reveals how he discovered the anti cancer ingredient in Curaderm and further, how he developed the product for skin cancer. He talks about the Independent clinical trials at 10 Hospitals in the United Kingdom which concluded that Curaderm BEC5 was effective and safe, that it only killed the cancer cells without causing harm to normal cells. The cosmetic end result was impressive.

When asked about the effectiveness of Curaderm BEC5, Dr. Cham said

"We have published over 20 articles on this subject in scientific journals. Our observations have been confirmed and extended by a plethora of independent scientists worldwide who have recognized and cited our work in their scientific publications. To date there have been no publications refuting our published articles, they had all been supportive. "

Please read the full article here.

Recent video on Curaderm BEC 5

This video includes recent USA television footage on Curaderm BEC5 and the cream applied to a real patient showing the easy steps to success that over 80,000 people have followed from the comfort of their own home. Video includes commentary by Dr. Jonathan Wright, leading Seattle Nutritional Doctor and Best Selling Author.

See the video here.

Dr. Cham's book, a new hope for skin cancer sufferers, a must read.

This full color medical book explains the various types of skin cancers and its causes. It will interest clinicians as well as non-medical people. It contains detailed information about research and development of Curaderm BEC5 and the clinical trials supporting its efficacy. You can buy the hard cover book or read the book online from Smart Publications.

NEW - A MUST SEE! Removing a BCC using Curaderm (A Video Diary)

This new video documents a patient's treatment of a Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) on his head. The treatment process has kindly be documented on the website

NEW - An article from Dr Mercola - "Stunning New Way to Flush Away Skin Cancer"

A very informative article from Dr Mercola which discusses the current research, the amazing results from Dr Cham's latest case study treating two large skin cancers (BCC and SCC) with BEC5 , the costs and disadvantages of other ways of managing non-melanoma skin cancer becoming unsustainable. The article also talks about "Why Most Sunscreens Will Not Protect You Against Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer".




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